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Welcome buyers. GJX is a "wholesale-to-the-trade only" show and is not a “business-to-business” trade show. GJX reserves the right at its sole discretion to determine if a buyer is qualified to attend the show based on the information provided by the registrant.Buyers must be engaged in the gem and jewelry (or its related products) industry. Professional attire required. No children under the age of 14 are allowed, including infants.

If you have registered for our show in the past 2 years, you are automatically pre-registered. Please come up to the pre-registered counter with your photo ID to receive your badge.

If you attended the show with your AGTA or JCK badge and received a sticker, you are not registered with GJX. If you would like to be, you will need to register online or onsite with the requirements mentioned below. If you have either of these badges and do not wish to register with GJX, you can go up to the sticker counter again and present your badge, business card and picture ID. WE WILL NO LONGER STICKER GUEST BADGES. A guest badge may be purchased for $35 onsite.



1.) JBT # (Jewelers Board of Trade Membership #) or CURRENT Resale License* (Lapidary Trade) or CURRENT Wholesale Tax Certificate* (Lapidary Trade)

*Note:If your business/resale license or tax ID certificate does not reflect that your company is engaged in the gem and jewelry (or its related products) industry or if your state does not issue business/resale licenses, then you must provide copies of invoices for the purchase of gemstones, jewelry, precious metals or lapidary equipment made within the last year. Each invoice must reflect the purchase of multiple items.

2.) Professionally printed business card (related to the trade) for each qualified buyer in your company.

Badges are not mailed in advance. Buyers must pick up their badges at the pre-registered counter and provide a photo identification for each badge. Badges must be worn at all times in the exhibition hall. A $50.00 fee per badge will be charged for lost or misplaced badges. Only one reprint is allowed for the duration of the show.

Guests may not be pre-registered and will be required to register on-site. Guests are also required to present photo identification and be accompanied by a qualified buyer from that company to register on-site. A registered company may have a total of 4 guests. Guest badges are $35.00 each.

Students currently enrolled in a gemstone or jewelry educational institution must register on-site. You must provide a current student ID from the school as well as paperwork showing recent completion of a course. All information provided must be in English. Students are not permitted to bring guests.


Buyer Registration is closed. Please bring all the required documents mentioned above to register on-site.


Qualified buyers that registered with GJX and attended the previous two shows, are automatically registered. 


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